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The Ocean of Energy

"Everything you need to know about meditation, in one easy-to-use program!"

"Our Mission... to prove that ANYONE can meditate successfully, EVEN IF they've failed miserably at it before! creating a powerful, visual program that brings meditators back into their BODIES - the ONLY place where they can reach deep relaxation, connect with the Universe and discover their own personal power."

The Ocean of Energy will Show You How to:

1. Connect with God and your higher self directly

2. Joyfully achieve any dream you focus your mind on

3. Stay healthy and vibrant for a full century

"When this energy resides in your body, spirit is calm and energy is like an ocean. With the ocean of energy full to overflowing, the mind is calm and the spirit stable. When this stability is not scattered, body and mind are gathered in tranquility. Tranquility then attains unto concentration, and the body continues to exist for years eternal."
~ Dr. Sun Si Miao (7th century Chinese physician and Taoist Master)

"Master Life's Most Important Skill Now!"

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What You'll Find Inside


Rediscover the OCEAN of Energy

  • Already within you, waiting for you to "come home" again
  • Learn to RELAX into the power that sustains all life


Get the 6 Things You REALLY Want...

  • Stress relief
  • Better health
  • Fantastic relationships
  • Improved finances
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual connection to God/Source


Avoid the 5 Confusions that Cripple Most Meditators...

  • The TRUE purpose of meditation?
  • What's the role of your BODY?
  • Do you need to SIT to meditate?
  • Do you RELAX into it or FORCE it?
  • How OFTEN should you meditate?


Master the 4 Key Principles of Cultivating Your Energy...

  • The CENTER
  • The SPHERE
  • The ROOT


Learn All 8 Types of Meditation and When You Should Use Each!

  • Do you know HOW to do them?
  • Do you know WHEN to do them?
  • Understanding this multiplies your results tenfold!

"Finally, a professionally produced multi-media program on meditation that answers all your questions!"

Dr. Symeon Will Share with You

How proper BREATHING will revolutionize your health...

What true human POSTURE is, how it prevents injury and saves you a TON of energy...

Tips and tricks for more effective SITTING meditation...

Energy exercises you can do on your own to cultivate DEEP HARMONY in your life...

Mind-Blowing PARTNER exercises for mastering structural alignment and deep relaxation...

And "THE REAL CHOCOLATE" - how to transform your daily life INTO meditation...

The 8 Types of Meditation:

Think of the Benefits of Knowing the RIGHT Type of Meditation for You at Any Given Time!


1. "Sitting Still, Doing Nothing"
Build Your Inner Power!

Extraordinarily powerful and easy to do, this creates the SOLID FOUNDATION for all other meditations you'll use. Ignoring this step is the biggest mistake a beginner can possibly make.



2. "Combining Energy and Spirit"
Dive in to the Ocean Within!

Called "the True Path" by masters through the ages, this simple and powerful system can truly rock your world. AND it's the key to transforming meditation from an "activity" into a "state of being"!



3. Prayer Meditation
The Summit of Spiritual Life

Contrary to what many believe, prayer exists in all Authentic Ancient Traditions and it's the key to the highest levels of spiritual life. HOWEVER, prayer is NOT what most people think it is. Nor is the line between prayer and meditation as black and white as most assume it is…



4. Health Meditation
Heal Yourself on All Levels!

Extraordinary methods to cleanse and rejuvenate all the cells and systems of your magnificent body – a key to the Taoist longevity science.



5. Focus Meditation
Build the New YOU!

Recreate your life and become the person you WANT to be. This is the key to success and achievement of any kind, and this meditation shows you how to build YOUR new life.



6. Generation Stage Meditation
Egoless Life and Infinite Compassion

A gem from the Himalayas: taken from Tibet's tradition of "Highest Yoga Tantra", this powerful system connects you with your higher self and is a powerful antidote to the ego – the real source of all human suffering.



7. Mindset Meditation
Joyfully Achieve Any Goal!

Use this meditation to eliminate or "outflank" your fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs. Get your mind on your side and get into alignment with your goals and dreams.



8. Micro Meditation
Instantly Recover Your Inner Power!

Ever been caught by surprise and needed to get yourself "centered" right away? For ancient warrior traditions this was literally a matter of life and death. Learn how they did it and how you can instantly recover your personal power!


You Can Do ALL 8 Types of Meditation...




What You're Getting



Energy Orbit
($25 value)

Body Scan Meditation Charts
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Turn Up Your Speakers!

Here's what Kathy Williams, Dr. Symeon's special advisor on this project, has to say about just the video part of this program alone...

There is Absolutely No Risk...

Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with and receiving benefit from the OCEAN of ENERGY and your free bonuses, just let our office know and we will cheerfully refund your purchase with no questions asked.

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"Master Life's Most Important Skill Now!"

Regular Price $197.00 Today $97 Add To Cart Add To Cart
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